vineri, 10 februarie 2012

Stronghold 2 Cheats

Stronghold is a unique combination of building cities, as in Caesar III or Sim City and a play-real-time strategy (RTS) like Command & Conquer or Age of Empires. in this game located in medieval Europe, players createsettlements, build and manage castles and engage in sieges lasting. The game goes well construction and "community organized" than a traditionalRTS and at the same time, provides a more intense combat experiencethan they lived before the builders of cities. Stronghold 2 cheats are good because without them there are lots of bugs.

The game is gorgeousbut I would like to have and eu.Cand a shawl ofgame I want to finish all sargiile.Si hope everyone's having it's very greatthat you and animals is very hard game.

Players will be able to experience every aspect of medieval life, from quarries for building stone fortresses and to produce hot oil for a "warm" welcome address unwanted guests!Unprecedented AI allows the player to focus on building and organize the various aspects of Stronghold while the trade they see their characters without any problem. Build a hut for a hunter and the hunter becomes the character, and character builds a farm will grab agriculture, etc..
In a stunning 3D world you can see the city catching form. With a unique image as you can watch the baker bakes bread and your farrier as weapons factory, to the smallest detail. People are happy with the construction of new homes as more people move into the city, rich in fruit orchards are your local tavern and held the biggest parties in the area, your popularity has never been greater. But wait, what is sees on the horizon?An army that a storm is heading to your city to destroy all your work! Gather your troops at the gates of the city, protect fortifications and put your people to transform turnuri.Stronghold is now a RTS! Redirect your archers, sulitasii, cavalry, protects your fortifications, add more oil in the towers.
Do you have what it takes to survive the siege?
Stronghold start playing with some basic knowledge of city building and the limited resources available. Start by creating wooden fortifications to keep wolves away from the city, then you progress to more complex structures designed to house more people, but as they get older, the more will come and try to conquer the city Buildings and facilities will occur slowly, over the entire campaign, so that player is not overwhelmed by new things and have to learn new elements can control the game.